Details for contributor resource

The following example shows how the Contributor property values are identified.

    "early-life":"Description of early life activities.",
    "career":"Description of career.",
    "quote":"A quote.",
    "known-for":"Contributors best known activities.",
    "trivia":"A trivia comment."

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Contributor Detail resource as well as descriptions for boolean properties.

nameStringFull name of contributor
prefixString (Optional)
Examples: Mr, Mrs, Miss
Prefix of contributor
suffixString (Optional)
Examples: OBE, PhD
Suffix of contributor
genderString (Optional)
Values: male, female
Gender of contributor
dobString (Optional)Date of birth for contributor
dodString (Optional)Date of death for contributor
fromString (Optional)Place of birth for contributor
meta.early-lifeString (Optional)Bio on early life of contributor
meta.careerString (Optional)Bio on career of contributor
meta.quoteString (Optional)Notable quote from contributor
meta.known-forString (Optional)Contributor 'known for'
meta.triviaString (Optional)Trivia for contributor


v1 to v2

See our Migration section for further information on the changes made to this resource between API v1 and v2

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