General FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the general service across the API

Q. How do I get a list of channels for a platform?

A. In order to retrieve a list of channels for a platform the user must first retrieve the platform ID from the Platform Collection Resource.

Using this ID, the user can now query the Channel Collection with the platformId query parameter.

Q. How do I get a schedule for a platform and region I am interested in?

A. Firstly a user must lookup the platform and region they are interested in, this can be done by using the Platform Collection and Platform Region Collection resources.

Now a user can pass both the platformId and regionId to the Schedule Collection endpoint.

*Please note it is recommended to use start and end dates when querying the schedule endpoint, the user should also make use of Pagination to help with handling large datasets.

Q. What is the maximum number of days that I can request schedule information for in a single call?

This will be specified for your apikey.

Q. Why can't I see schedules for more than two weeks ahead of today?

As a standard, access to schedules is limited to two weeks (today + 14 days) ahead. If you wish to see more than 15 days, please contact your account manager.