Legacy Identifiers

How we expose our legacy Identifiers

Within each of the API resources a user can retrieve the PA legacy identifiers from the subject array. The subject array was designed to be generic and follow the same model across all API entities.

To request the legacy aliases please add the aliases query parameter to the API call.

curl http://tv.api.pressassociation.io/v2/resource?aliases=true

This modelling follows the IPTC standard for linked relational data which is used across a number of the Press Associations APIs.

An example of the subject field can be seen here.

	"subject": [{
		"code": "channel:patv:580",
		"profile": "channel"

The code of the subject is the PA namespace for the legacy ID. This is made up of the entity type, the provider/domain and the identifier.

The profile describes the entity type.



Please be aware that not all entities will contain full coverage of legacy identifiers. All scheduled data will contain legacy IDs for assets but our asset archive is not backfilled with legacy IDs. Only contributors with enriched data will have their legacy ID exposed.

The table below shows the legacy mapping namespace types.

ResourceNamespace ExampleProfile